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The big move, part 2

A couple of weeks hard work getting a new kitchen sorted for Ian’s mum – although most of the hard work was on Ian’s part. As mum is 88 we didn’t think it would be a good idea for her to cope with all the dirt, noise and dust at her house while the kitchen […]

Autumn ringing, week 6

Rather worrying start to the week when i found out that my daughter, Kat, back in the UK, had contracted swine ‘flu. She works on the “front line” in a hospital so it’s hardly surprising and of course the good old NHS hadn’t yet got round to giving any staff their vaccinations. 14th August 2009 […]


Unfortunately the tide had just turned as we arrived at Morjim so there weren’t really the expected amount of gulls there. It must have been a fairly low tide as they’d started to head back to the sand bank further out. We easily picked up Lesser Sand Plover as there were good numbers on the […]

40 years of photography

Well, that makes me sound really old doesn’t it, but this year i’m celebrating 40 years of photography! I saved up 10 shillings for my first camera way back in 1968 when i was just 8 years old (my goodness remember pounds, shillings and pence eh?! those were the days – never could quite get […]